Utilizing Massage Therapy, Pilates, Redcord Therapy, Relieving Chronic Pain

I have been a happy client of Corrina’s with Limitless Motion, Calgary, Cedarbrae for almost ten years. For forty years before that I lived in fear of when my back would next attack me, which it did with some regularity and was always problematic, as I remain an active traveler, biker, and skier. Since working with her my back is now in tune with the rest of me and remains my best friend and helper.

If you are looking for help with your body Corrina and her redcord suspension, pilates, massage therapy, reflexology and shamanism studio is the place to be. 

A warning though it can be addictive but in a good way.

Dr. Joe Warshawski, E.N.T.

Services Offered

Neuromuscluar Redcord Active and Neurac Therapy


This neuromuscular training allows the massage therapy and pilates therapist to identify and correct compensation patterns, stimulate weakened muscles, correct postural deficiencies and decompress the body through full suspension and use reflexology to help manage chronic pain. People feel complete difference within 4-6 sessions. This type of therapy is the best place to start as it will allow you to fully understand your body mechanics and propel you into an optimal posture that creates a life of stamina & balance.

Twice a week for three weeks for best results.

Clinical & Fitness Pilates


Utilizing Stott and Fletcher Pilates techniques coordination, balance and control are achieved. The ability to strengthen the muscles from the deepest to the most superficial is therapeutic and long lasting. Allowing this process requires diligence and patience. We recommend to start with twice a week private sessions (which will combine massage therapy and reflexology), graduating to once a week and than adding in a group class or independent open gym study, which we offer with a professional.

International Pilates for Golf is also Corrina's passion.

Deep Tissue Massage


Specializing in myo-fascial massage therapy release work, a deep tissue massage by Corrina is painful but in the end rewarding. The ability to break down scar tissue and correct tight fascial structures in the body will give long term relief that is sometimes required in order to feel balance. There is no point in trying to treat, strengthen or correct a human body when it is physically bound so tightly. Corrina is natural healer/shaman who has the ability to move energy, rebalance chi and clear chakra. This happens during the massage therapy, pilates, reflexology in Cedarbrae, Calgary.

Once a month is plenty.

Spring Forest Qi Gong


"Qi" meaning energy.

"Gong" meaning work with.

Corrina believes that everyone posses the power to heal t"Qi" meaning energy.

"Gong" meaning work with.

Corrina believes that everyone possesses the power to heal themselves and heal others. Through this ancient Chinese scientific study of the power of Qi in the body and the universe; one can change the course of their life through this practice. Best practiced in a group setting or alone, but constant revisiting is essential for optimal results. This is a little bit of unique therapy, yet one the will stimulate that deep connection we all crave, it will clear the mind and allow you to recover and grow faster than you thought.

Iyengar Yoga


Iyengar and Ashtanga both focus on breath (pranayama) and posture (asanas), and both are rooted in the eight limbs of yoga, which direct practitioners on how to live a life of meaning and purpose. This, however, may be where the similarities end. This type of Yoga is more therapeutic in nature. The use of props and tools to help one recover faster and more efficiently. The main focus is based upon B.K.S. Iyengar, who demonstrates alignment and teaches that there is a “right” way to do each posture. Practitioners are guided by the teacher to focus on the nuances of each asana until proper alignment is achieved.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding & Fitness


Imagine combining the instability of water with your yoga or pilates fitness program. Not only is this amazing for vestibular awareness, but incredible for the core and slow-twitch muscles. There is nothing more enjoyable that water and being weightless. This is a fabulous way to work on your foot muscles and utilize reflexology to help retain a neutral balance starting with the feet.

Corrina has the will teach independent sessions or group sessions. This Paddle into Fitness technique can be used in Pools or lakes. 

Corrina is ambitious to complete her certification in SUP for rivers and oceans. 


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