Questions Answered, Pilates? Redcord? Both?


How to get started?

This first step is making sure that you are ready and able to commit to your healing process. Shamanic practices, pilates, yoga, redcord and Meditation, contemplation and research may help you make the design to start at Limitless Motion, Cedarbrae, Calgary.

When you are ready, please feel free to email or call us and leave a message. We do require an interview over the phone prior to booking an appointment and obtaining our location. This is done to ensure a connection between yourself and Corrina. Once this has been established an initial meeting will be booked, where a  movement assessment will be began almost immediately.

How long are the sessions?

The phone interview is about 30-30 minutes and is free of charge. Here you can speak with Corrina directly about pilates, redcord, yoga, shamanism all at a time that is convenient for you. Timezone is Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The initial appointment and consecutive appointments there after are usually an hour, but sometimes can run a little over. Corrina books on the hour, every hour. Corrina suggests to book the same time on the same day as to avoid stress and confusing. A time that works for both parties will be established in the phone interview.

How often do I come?

Corrina will recommend twice a week for the first little while depending on your body awareness, consistency with homework, and overall maintenance. Private pilates, yoga, and redcord sessions are required before attending a class here in Cedarbrae, Calgary. Often people come to a private and a class in the same week to achieve maximum results. 

Most people will notice a major change in four to six session especially with the Redcord, however to maintain, follow up sessions will be required.

What is the cost of a Session?

Your one hour session is $94.50 including pilates, redcord, yoga, massage, and shamanic practices. Classes are run on a six week basis at $157.50. In your private session there will be no one else in the studio except yourself and Corrina here in Cedarbrae, Calgary . In the class setting there is no more that four people at a time. This is to ensure the most comfortable environment possible, to allow for the ultimate mind, body and soul experience where you are able to fully connect. Every one of Corrina's Clients have gone through the process and are all alike. Sort of like a little group. 

**Please note that some insurance policies will cover your session**

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