CW Roneisch

After working with Limitless Motion I stand taller and straighter, my core is much stronger, and I have good flexibility. You owe it to your sore back, stiff neck and poor flexibility to give Limitless Motion pilates and redcord out of Cedarbrae, Calgary a try. Very personal attention thru private sessions or very small classes

Jamie Gelfand

I have been seeking treatments for ongoing issues with my neck/back for over 13 years following a car accident.

I was referred to Corrina in July of 2016 and I have continued to work with her weekly.  I have been impressed with her knowledge in the many disciplines, pilates reformer, redcord and pilates that she is trained in. I know I have benefitted from her expertise, energy, encouragement and continued support around managing all that ails me. I am grateful that Corrina in Cedarbrae, Calgary has helped me return to being active in all that I love to do.  

Paul Storwick

Well five years ago I could hardly put on my socks and underwear. So this is how it all started for me and I had to make a change. I started seeing Corrina with a combination of redcord massage and Pilates. After each Pilates session and work on the pilates reformer I could see the results starting to improve my condition.  I began to see the necessity to strengthen my core.  During my sessions she makes me laugh which is a distraction for the intense workout she provides. She truly cares about her clients and is very knowledgable about the body. You can trust that the exercises she prescribes will provide benefit and relief. I now have zero pain and can golf, play hockey and enjoy life. Calgary

Shirley S.

After working with another private Pilates instructor a friend had recommended I try Corrina. I had suffered from a severe back injury and have some arthritis issues so I knew I had to find a good solution for my long-term health. I have found my weekly one on one sessions with her have provided me stability in my system and improved my mobility issues immensely.  She is always very in tune with my body positioning and is very particular about the exercises that I attempt to perform.   I enjoy Corrina’s persistence to make me work as hard as I possibly can to get the maximum benefit from my time with her.  I have done extensive work with the RedCord which has provided me a totally different environment to challenge my body. Over the years I have learned a lot about the mechanics of my body through my sessions with Corrina. I have improved my core, flexibility, mobility and posture from my valuable time with her. I truly look forward to my weekly sessions with lots of laughs and lots of work. Thanks!

Dave Plunz

Corrina was recommended to me by my physiotherapist and I’m glad she did. When I first met with Corrina, she did a very good job of analyzing my history and was able to sympathize with my past due to her own experiences dealing with injury and returning to an active lifestyle. I had been limited in my motion with pain for many years and had sought treatment with doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. I was starting to become frustrated. Corrina helped me getting over my fears that I had built up due to pain and kept me focused, positive and motivated to continue my pilates & redcord treatments with her. She refused to give up and we spent a lot of time trying new things until we found answers. I am proud to say that I have a new confidence in my body and mind today because of the relationship that I’ve had with Corrina. I am so thankful I met her and I will always be in her debt.

Nancy Alimonti

I began taking pilates mat, pilates reformer, and redcord classes from Corrina in October 2010 and have since progressed to private sessions.  I am amazed how much I have learned about my body and how much stronger I have become over the past year.  Corrina is great for making sure that she finds exercises that work for your body, and changes them up continually so you don’t do the same thing each time.  She explains what each exercise is, shows you  how to do it correctly and how it will affect your body.  I look forward to my sessions with Corrina expect to be a client for years to come.  - Nancy Alimonti, Calgary