Full Body Redcord Suspension which will assist in the decompression of spine.


True rehabilitation is a gift to yourself. It is becoming more apparent to that what we feel in our physical bodies can be directly related to an emotional or spiritual traumatic events. We now have science that will show PAIN, is not only felt on damaged tissues, but also felt on non-damaged tissues. This is ground breaking in the world of Chronic Pain. The puzzle is acknowledging and correcting the hows, whys, and wheres. 

I believe that to fully connect in our physical bodies we must first plan to do the work, and strip away all the "ugly", heal it and move forward. 

RECONNECT with body. mind and spirit. 

Correct your posture and biomechanics. 

Correct compensation patterns. 

Educate you on everything that you might need to know to support your transformation. 

 The Universal Law, proper manifestation, healthy karmic patterns and trust is all you need.


Luxury Combination of Techniques

Our bodies are not one dimensional.

We need to treat the body as a unit. 

Clinical &Fitness Pilates 

Redcord Suspension 

Deep Massage 

Iyenger Yoga


SUP Paddle into Fitness



Understanding that your pain does not just come from one source, correcting that thought is the start.

The possibility for your back pain to come from your opposite shoulder, is an elevated thought one worth exploring.

Working with a RMT, specializing in Chronic pain, with certifications in Anatomy Trains Manual and Movement Therapist. Fascial specialist, Trigger point, Osteopilates, SUP paddlle boarding, Redcord Suspension Training, Stott and Fletcher Pilates and Iygner Yoga.

Techniques Utilized

Corrina Anne-Poss

Meet Redcord Intuitive Rehabilitationist, RMT and Pilates Specialist

Corrina has been teaching, practicing, and guiding those who have made the decision to get out of pain, stay out of pain, and have a better sense of balance, for over a decade. After studying massage therapy, trigger point and active release therapy, she wanted to learn more. 

Not only did she want to know more about how to manually help the body, she also wanted to know more about how to empower her clients to know how to maintain their bodies through movement. 

This led to certification in Iyengar Yoga Levels 1 & 2, Stott Pilates (ISP), Neuromuscular Redcord Active training and Anatomy Trains manual and movement certifications. She also became a Fletcher Matwork Licensed Provider. 

Corrina also ventured into OsteoPilates and body rolling techniques and obtained certifications in both. 

Corrina did not stop there, as she began to see the correlation between body, mind and spirit and to understand that “our bodies are the battlefields for the wars we wage in our mind." With that correlation in her thoughts, Corrina went on to study and continues to study energy rebalancing, qigong and shamanism. And all the above happened after Corrina was hit by a truck and a light bulb went off that said…



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